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As I begin to use google.reader and the RSS feeds in my everyday life, I definitely can see how it will enhance me professionally. I am still a rookie in the blog world but can see the value of using the feeds to keep me informed. I often times feel that I am not keeping up on what is happening in my field throughout the school year. Students and lessons come first so I don’t feel that I have the time to research and find information that I may need to enhance my teaching. I am hoping that by using the RSS feeds and google. reader that I will be able to have time during the school year to keep up on what is going on in the physical education and health world day to day. It is exciting for me to begin this part of my own professional development. I still am looking for quality sites to follow specifically with the “new PE” movement. I want to know what is happening that is cutting edge. I will need to continue to do some ground work this summer to find those sites that are really valuable to me.



Posted on: June 18, 2010

I am excited  to begin implementing the use of wikis in my classroom next year. I have a few ideas in how they can be used within PE and health. In health I can have the students compile different ways in which they can increase their intake of various nutrients into their diet. It would allow students to see other ideas.

In physical education we often don’t want to take away from activity time.  I could have students complete wikis on listing exercises that increase different components of fitness. One week it could be muscular endurance, another week muscular strength, etc. This would require the students to connect activities we are doing in class to the specific component that we are working. 

I believe that we do need to start reaching the students through the avenues in which the flourish….technology. The more that we can connect what we do in class and have them reflect on it through the use of technology and collaboration the more successful our classes will be.

This is the first of many posts that I hope will enlighten you on the positive effects that physical education has on individuals, families, and school environments. As many individuals are aware in this unprecedented time because of budget downfalls in schools’ across the United States  physical education is continually a discipline fighting the chopping block. It also faces pressure because of the focus on No Child Left Behind. Administrators are looking for more time during the school day to focus on reading and math and subsequently arts and physical education are areas that often times are cut to allow for more time in the core areas. 

My goal is to share with you reasons that physical education time should not be an area that is cut. There are many positive effects that can be gained by students who are healthy, active, and physically fit. I believe that physical educators need to be well informed of the data that supports our discipline, make sure that their programs are quality programs, and to be aware of the legislation that is out there trying to fight the childhood obestity crisis.


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