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Posted on: June 18, 2010

I am excited  to begin implementing the use of wikis in my classroom next year. I have a few ideas in how they can be used within PE and health. In health I can have the students compile different ways in which they can increase their intake of various nutrients into their diet. It would allow students to see other ideas.

In physical education we often don’t want to take away from activity time.  I could have students complete wikis on listing exercises that increase different components of fitness. One week it could be muscular endurance, another week muscular strength, etc. This would require the students to connect activities we are doing in class to the specific component that we are working. 

I believe that we do need to start reaching the students through the avenues in which the flourish….technology. The more that we can connect what we do in class and have them reflect on it through the use of technology and collaboration the more successful our classes will be.


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